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Volunteer Screening

Volunteers may help children with homework during an after-school program, serve meals at a homeless shelter, or assist patients in a hospital. Although they are not employees, volunteers often serve as the face of your company—and often volunteers work with children, the elderly, or vulnerable members of society. Pedophiles and other criminals sometimes seek volunteer work through charitable or non-profits because often, these organizations have not performed extensive background checks. As a result, these organizations inadvertently create an open door for these criminals to prey upon others.

Volunteers represent your company, and in some cases, they may even be the first contact your customers have with your business or charity. A thorough background search is necessary to maintain a safe environment and to ensure a positive corporate image.
We help you select your volunteers with confidence by reviewing:

We understand how important volunteers are for many organizations, and through Rapid Results Background Check Solutions, we can create a customizable approach that enables you to select volunteers with confidence. Please contact us to see how we can serve you.