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America’s Background Check Company

At Rapid Results Background Check Solutions, we pride ourselves in being an American company founded by US Veterans. We believe in providing much more than a top-quality product: We believe in providing the highest quality of customer service and support. Whether you are hiring a new applicant, vetting volunteers, or screening tenants, we have the solutions and information you need. 

More than half of all job applications have inaccurate information, and surveys indicate that as many as 49 percent of job applicants deliberately fabricated parts of their resumes. These falsehoods included college degrees that were not obtained and jobs that did not exist. Now, more than ever, it is important that you are able to hire, rent, and select volunteers and contractors with confidence.

Rapid Results Background Check Solutions offers a comprehensive scope of pre-employment screenings for a fast, cost-effective solution. Our background checks search not only criminal records, but motor vehicle records, educational credentials, references, employment history, bankruptcy, civil records, and more. Our background checks are 100 % FCRA compliant, and we have tools to help you navigate the EEOC guidance.

What sets us apart from other background check companies?

Comprehensive quality: Our “one-stop shop” background check solution delves into several different components, depending upon the needs of each client. These checks are tailored to meet your specific requirements. It may include a search through state and county information or criminal, civil, and financial records. This extensive review means you can confidently hire employees, rent to tenants, select volunteers and hire contractors.

100% of our employees and customer service based in the United States of America.  

Integration: We allow seamless integration with your Application Tracking System (ATS). This means your HR professionals do not have to leave their ATS interface to place orders for background checks or update the status of an application. This reduces human errors, streamlines the process, and saves money. You can view of a list of ATS providers we can integrate with by clicking here.

Rapid results: It’s in our name! In general, our extensive background checks are available in two business days or less. (Although some restrictions apply.)

Ease of use: It’s simple to set up an account, place orders and retrieve results.

Consultation: We do more than merely provide a product; we provide insight and guidance to help your business maneuver through multiple compliance regulations such as the FCRA and the EEOC.

Contact us today to discuss how we can deliver high-quality, rapid results for your organization and learn more about how we can help you hire with confidence.