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Background Checks 411

Background Checks: The 4 -1 -1

A thorough background check has become an absolutely essential element of doing business.

Because more than half of all job applications contain false or incomplete information, a background check is vital for businesses to protect themselves, their employees and their customers. Employerslandlords, and businesses may conduct background checks on those who have applied to work for them, rent from them, or serve as a contractor or volunteer. Following is some useful information on background checks.

A background check is more than merely running names through a database. A background check may contain different components and must comply with several federal and state regulations. Employers must have written consent before they can proceed with a background check. There are several different types of information that may be included in these searches.

Employee work history: This verifies dates of employment, past employers, salary and titles.

Criminal history: This may include state, federal or county information. Depending upon the security clearance required of the employee, more extensive criminal background checks may be needed.

Educational records: This verifies that the applicant earned the educational degrees indicated on his or her resume.

Credit reports: Credit reports, which may include a credit score, may be needed for tenant screenings and for job positions that require access to financial information.

Employment verificationI-9 and other employment checks verify that the candidate is legally authorized to work in the United States. Failure to comply with government regulations can result in hefty fines and possible criminal charges against the employer.

Employers who do not conduct thorough background checks may be opening themselves up to liability.

There are several federal regulations – such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act – that dictate what records may be released and how they may be used.

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