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Financial Records

Are you hiring an employee who will have access to sensitive financial information? Are you selecting a tenant and want to protect your investment? While an applicant’s credit history is an important part of the background screening process, are your screenings in compliance with extensive federal laws? These laws—the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)—apply to employers who use background checks to make hiring decisions. Violating them can result in extensive fines and liability. To complicate matters, different states may have unique requirements in addition to the FCRA requirements.

Rapid Results Background Check Solutions helps you maneuver through this detailed and often confusing process. As a result, you have tools to ensure you receive accurate credit reports that are in compliance with all applicable laws.

A credit report provides information that is essential in determining not only the candidate’s financial history, but his or her level of fiscal responsibility. Credit reports can also uncover additional information that may not have been provided on an application such as:

  • Maiden/Alias names
  • Previous addresses
  • Previous employers.

Running a credit check as part of your screening process means that you can hire or rent with confidence. Contact us to see how we can create a background check solution that is right for you.