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The Ethical Questions Around Background Checks

An important factor to any company’s growth is hiring new people.  When you have potential new employees lined up in the hiring process, what do you look for in them? The answer may vary depending on what sort of business you run or help manage. Regardless I believe the two core principles every company looks for in a new employee are: Reliability and Trustworthiness. This is why running background checks on all applicants is crucial to the success and future of a company.  It also raises a whole slew of questions within the realm of ethical and moral decision making. When running a background check a good number of folks may come back with a clean record and hold no criminal offenses. Others may hold a different story. Below are two different scenarios that you may just come across. In the first scenario, imagine you are working for a hospital and need to hire more people to handle the increase in patients seeking treatment or care. While sifting through the applicants, you may find one or m ...